About Ed Weber

Experience: Over forty two years in the insurance business with the last seventeen concentrating on common interest groups.  Click Here to See Details

Community Associations: Worked with 100's and their managers. I will always have a competitive program for them. I will never abandon you!

Markets: Represent several on both an agent and broker level. I seek companies and other agents who understand associations and their special needs. Coverage and cost must be available for my clients.

Community Associations Institute - Local: President and committee member for over 13 years. Active in the education of local members and their communities.

Community Associations Institute - National: Active in the Insurance & Risk Management groups at conferences as a speaker and attendee. Participant in our conference calls and Yahoo Chat group where the current market is reviewed addressing coverage and claim issues to name just a few.

CIRMS: "Community Insurance & Risk Management Specialist" A qualifying member since 2003 when it was initiated to further the education of our members and the public as respects insurance matters.

Community Managers: Work very closely to assist them in their day to day insurance dealing with their boards and communities.

Developers: Help them educate their new owners as to the insurance program we have implemented to last past their develop period and make sure the community willl run as smooth as possible with correct insurance language in their documents.

Education: Both myself by continuing to participate in common interest community forums and my managers / boards / unit owners by exploring the full circle of living and governing communities to foster the true sense of "community"

Claims: Work with managers and boards in conjunction with owners, their insurance agents and the claims adjusters involved in settling their damaged property and liability concerns.

Certificates: Continue to provide accurate evidence of coverages to all owners and their agents and lenders by personally responding to each and attempting to make sure the financial transactions take place in a timely manner. Sending renewal and sale documents with an explanation of how gaps between the individual policy and the associations can be minimized.

Informative Emails: Continue to share my associates and my own knowledge when it comes to both insurance and other common interest community education matters.

 Mission Statement